YMCA Beds - Fun 4 Young People

easycopiers work with YMCA Beds to help make a difference to the people who need it most... 


The challenge


How we helped them out...

The YMCA is a global organisation with a 116 local YMCA’s across the UK. easycopiers are working directly with YMCA Bedfordshire which operates a number of different sites around the county, providing people in need with housing, health and wellbeing activities and being the difference in the community.

easycopiers wanted to help in a number of ways which included reducing their print and copy costs alongside being a part of their Fun 4 Young People and donating £1000 so far to the project.


The solution

Our dedicated Account Manager for YMCA Bedfordshire, Matt Fincher, has personally managed their account for a number of years and has a strong understanding of their needs and long term aims. This allows Matt to work with them wherever possible to enhance their current systems, make continual improvements and save them money wherever possible.

Matt has been continuously reviewing YMCA Bedfordshire account and he was not only able to implement a number of brand new Ricoh machines across their main sites, but these systems were then complemented by a state of the art Papercut document management system. This enables YMCA Bedfordshire to control print costs, provide an improved level of security and importantly installing, ‘follow me’ printing onto the devices.


What YMCA Beds said about easycopiers...

"We were very pleased to work with easycopiers, they made the transition very simple and straightforward and provided us with some excellent equipment and I would highly recommend!"

Director of Corporate Resources, YMCA Bedfordshire