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Document Workflow Solutions

easycopiers know the critical importance of getting a document workflow solution correct from the very beginning. We believe in taking apart an existing workflow piece by piece and then putting together the jigsaw in a fashion that not only suits your requirements but takes your document workflows and strategies to the next plateau.

Part of an all encompassing document workflow solution built for you by easycopiers will comprise of our very own document management system. As this is our very own software and developed in-house then we can very easily cut you a new build with any additional functionality that you and your workflow and/or environment may require.

Constructing a resolution could also entail some bespoke scripting engagements with our PS teams working together with your software teams to perhaps hook into your existing infrastructure and then carve out a solution built on existing installed software applications. This can be achieved through the development of VBScript, Perl or Ruby scripts - depending on what the API Supports.

We appreciate that we cannot do everything with our own technology. That is why we only deploy and work with best-of-breed software tools to get the job done.