Sensonics Limited

How we ensured improved hardware capabilities and service levels whilst delivering unrivalled prices.


The challenge


The solution

The client had an agreement in place with a manufacturer which was coming to the end of its term. They were looking to tender with a number of suppliers and manufacturers and were happy to see what we could offer.


The solution

We assessed the client’s current requirements and presented a device that upgraded what they currently had and was still more competitive than the other suppliers that were included in the tender. We also looked to improve the existing level of service by providing a better guaranteed service response. So in all we supplied a better device, cheaper service, cheaper rental and better service.


What the client said...

Sensonics could not be happier with the price, service & support provided by easycopiers. Having been with the same large national office copy equipment supplier for the last 4 contracts, year on year Easycopiers had always given us an unbeatable quotation straight out of the box with no hidden costs and no haggling. Finally this year we just couldn’t ignore the price difference any longer and decided to take the plunge and move our business over to Easycopiers.

The equipment installation was dealt with in record time with absolutely no interruption in service. This has been the easiest stress free change-over of supplier & equipment and I would highly recommend easycopiers to anyone. We should have done this much sooner!

Andy Pitt   |   Sensonics - Engineering Manager 


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